SMART Real Estate Investing System

Introduction to SMART Real Estate Investing

How We Help You Make Money In Real Estate

The SMART Real Estate Investing System provides innovative tools, information and a strategic focus for residential income property investors by answering the the first question most investors ask: "Where can I find a good income property that meets my investment needs?"

SMART Information

Data vs. Information

We have found the biggest problems in real estate investing today are:
Finding the information you need to make effective investment decisions
Making sense of all the data out there

Our database combines information from multiple sources:
Multiple Listing Service
Rent Analyzer sources ( & Zillow for SFRs)

* Key question: What information do you need to make good real estate investing decisions?

These datasets provided by our Residential Income Property Search Engine allow you to make effective investment decisions:


Our primary tools are:

SMART Strategic Focus

Mortgage Balance Down▼ - Equity Up▲

Paying off your mortgage is a great way to build equity.  It is a normal part of the lending process, and a significant contribution to the concept of leveraging your investment.

Say you purchased a $800,000 fourplex, putting 25% down at a 4% interest rate.  Your monthly mortgage payment (principle + interest) would be $2,865.

At the beginning, your mortgage balance is $600,000. You are paying $865 a month towards principle, and $2,000 a month towards interest. The principle payments are very small at the beginning.  The lender wants to maximize their interest collection.  However, they gradually increase and the ratio changes.

In this example, by year 5, you will have reduced your principle balance down to $554,067.

Which means you have accumulated $45,933 in equity in those 5 years.  If you sold the property then, that money would go into your pocket (less closing costs, etc.)