SMART Real Estate Investing System

Introduction to SMART Real Estate Investing

How We Figure The Numbers

Up-to-Date Multiple Listing Data

  1. Available Properties: We select all Active listings for the geographical areas (link) we are currently concentrating on.
  2. Clean Data: We use our comb through and make sure the data is as accurate as possible. For example, sometimes the Annual Rents are entered as Monthly Rents. We adjust for that.
  3. Calculation Factors: We have some basic parameters that we use to do our detailed calculations. These are all based on our experience, analyzing the local market and industry standards. Basic default factors include:
    1. Insurance
    2. Property Tax
    3. Property Management
    4. Vacancy Rate
  4. "What If?"You can change any of these factors at any time to tailor the calculations to your own individual situation and perform your own "What If?" Analysis in our SMART Real Estate Investing Opportunity Analyzer©

Automatic Calculations

The SMART Residential Income Property Search Engine© automatically calculates the following important "Decision Points" that you need to see if an investment is worth it, based on your criteria:

  1. Cash Flow
  2. Gross Rent Multiplier (GRM)
  3. Total Investment $
  4. Appreciation Chart
  5. Long Term Net Equity Gain
  6. Long Term ROI
  7. CAP Rate
  8. Ending Property Value
  9. Effective Cash Flow

Comparative Info

For each property:
  1. Shows whether the property is above, below or at median rents for the area
  2. Shows average GRM for the area for each property
This comparative info is a very powerful tool for seeing where investment opportunity exists based on market information.