SMART Decision Points

After you have determined your specific investment requirements and received the candidate properties from our SMART Residential Income Property Search Engine© , you are ready to review the choices by first checking out the Decision Points highlighted in our SMART Opportunity Analyzer© report.

Working with our authorized agents, who are training in coaching and consulting with you on real estate investment property analysis, together you will determine if the resultant properties continue to meet your investment needs, or if you will want to modify the search parameters to get closer.

This is a process, and you will likely go through several iterations of reviewing candidate properties with our agents before settling on one or two, or maybe more, then moving to the next step, which would be viewing (if possible) and potentially making an offer.

Here is an example of our SMART Opportunity Analyzer© report.

Check it out. You'll see the Decision Points highlighted at the top. The main factors that are important to your selection process are:

  1. SMARTiScore
  2. Appreciation
  3. GRM
  4. Ave GRM/City
  5. Net Monthly Cash Flow
  6. Net Equity Gain
  7. Opportunity ROI
  8. Effective Monthly Cash Flow
  9. Doubling Year
  10. Total Investment
  11. Property Value @ End
  12. Cap Rate

Below the Decision Points, you can see all the other powerful information, such as Unit Detail (where available) and all the parameters that went into the calculations. And using our "What If?" feature, you can change any factor you want, and it automatically and immediately recalculates everything for you. Feel free to change any of the data on the sample, or even print it out. You will see the power of our system!

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